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Bar Case is the project of the Bar Event Group Company.

Bar Case – Bar Event Group is the first European producer of professional mobile bars that fold out of aesthetic cases and are designed with “BAR CASE” technology. Our first bars were produced in 2008- since then we have been selling our products to European countries. Our mobile bars are made from high quality materials, coated with a special phenolic coating which makes them resistant to water and other liquids. All the materials and accessories that were used in the production of bars are of the highest quality and come from reputable and internationally recognized manufacturers.

We have the largest selection of mobile bars in Europe designed with “bar case” technology. All the other products available on the market follow our models. Mobile Bars produced with „bar-case” technology are ideal for all kinds of catering events, fairs, bartending shows, and banquets.

We offer the following mobile bars:

Recommended Bars Models:

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Thanks to the experience we have gained in the production of mobile bars we are able to provide the highest quality and competitive price. We invite you to contact our Customer Service department. We are happy to answer any questions about our products. portable bars sale

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BAR CASE - Bar Event Group

Lipińskiego Street 3/1 , 30-349 Kraków , Poland

Phone: + 48 510 570 180

Phone:  + 48 500 139 516


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Bar Event M.Woszczyk, Podmiedze Street 3, 42-582 Rogoźnik, Poland, Nip PL6252277767